How we came about

Madhu was born out of  desire to translate our core values into a healthcare service.
Rose and Matthew are the co-founders and directors of Madhu Health, a service offering occupational therapy services which aim to promote and encourage meaningful activity engagement, self care and quality of life

Why Madhu?

Madhu is the Sanskrit word for honey or the elixir of life. Bees are pretty cool little things - they live in large communities, they communicate through intricate dances; these hardworkers pollinate our flora and fauna and collect nectar which they fan with their wings to create the golden liquid we know and love.
We thought this was a great metaphor for an occupational therapy health service; encouraging healthy communities, working together, taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, connecting with each other and always building our reserve of good things and utilising our strengths to strive for more from life and health.