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occupational therapy?

Medical practitioners

Rose is a general practitioner occupational therapist. With a broad range of experience and skills. General referral of complex patients will result in support with holistic assessment incorporating physical, cognitive and psychological health in a global functional context.  Rose has the time and space to complete in depth, holistic assessment.
Early occupational therapy assessment and intervention results in decreased hospital admissions and increased quality of life.
Medical practitioners will be supported in their treatment by provision of clearly documented, practical, functional assessment and reports outlining individual’s strengths and resources, functional goal development and patient outcomes focussed on increased participation in daily activity.
Rose has specific expertise in working with patients with prostate cancer, diabetes management, medication induced sexual dysfunction and individuals who are gender and sexuality diverse.

Disability support

Complex case management relies on experienced therapists who are sensitive to the needs and wants of individuals and their support networks. Rose has extensive experience in complex disability including wheelchair and seating assessment and prescription, complex care planning, home assessment and dealing with behaviours of concern.
Rose will work with your client to understand their motivations and create a concrete plan to move forward towards their identified goals. Holistic assessment can be beneficial in itself by providing valuable insights into how and why an individual operates as they do, identifying strengths and resources as well as barriers and areas for intervention. Occupational therapy intervention aims to build on this assessment knowledge, increasing participation in daily activities and enhancing quality of life for individuals in the disability community as well as their support network.
In addition to individual client referral Rose is able to provide secondary consultation for case managers and carer support services where tailored information and education or professional development may be sought. Please contact Rose to discuss this option further.

Adolescent and family health

Adolescence is a crucial time of physical, psychological and social growth and changePaediatric services often cease at 12 years of age but adult services do not commence until an individual is 18 years of age - Rose is here to fill in the gap.  Check out the 'Growing Up Human' page for information on preparation for puberty in an affordable and supportive group context. Growing Up Human focuses on building social and emotional intelligence, preparing tweens and their significant adults for the transition into adult relationships and sexuality.
Individual and family work with Rose can facilitate a supported transition into adulthood with concrete skills and activity engagement with or without a disability. 

Sexuality and gender diversity

You are welcome and celebrated as you are. Honest to goodness general services for the queer community and those who are questioning. 
Making the link between young people and adult sexuality with or without disability thrown into the mix. If you are a parent or young person who wants to work with someone who just "gets it" you're in the right place.
Have a read of my areas of expertise and general practice. This is what I can offer you through the lens of a health professional who is passionate about the health and wellbeing of the sexual and gender diverse population.

General referral

Got a new diagnosis? transitioning into a new life role? recently discharged from hospital and wondering what comes next? Noticing you're slowing down and can't do the things you used to? Get in touch.
An occupational therapy assessment can help with this and more. In essence we help you to do the things you love and the things you need to in order to live in the community in a rich and fulfilling way. Meaningful activity engagement, self care and quality of life.

Bulk billing is available on select services on presentation of a current health care concession card.

Medicare claiming facilities available on site - automatic if you have registered your bank account details with medicare and have a GP referral. For rebates see medicare website.

Private health insurance claminig facilities available on site - rebates vary depending on your provider.

Hours of operation:

Consultation by appointment - all appointments completed as home/community visit service.
Flexible hours.

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