Growing Up Human co-founders: Rose Broadway & Linda Kirkman

This evidence based program is a game changer; a joint venture born out of the passion of its creators.

By equipping individuals with practical skills to increase social and emotional intelligence

Growing Up Human is a new take on sex education for children aged 8-12.

​​Growing Up Human

Through information, education, experiential growth, storytelling and productive play the program enriches the children’s skills and knowledge relating to the culture of relationships and communication. Children will bring along a significant adult and together they will proactively address some of the difficulties they may experience transitioning into puberty. Working together helps to promote inter-generational growth and open, honest communication. Negotiation and being able to discern new information, growth and experiences in an information dense world are just some of the skills the children (and their guests) will walk away with.

Who we are:

The program is developed and facilitated by Dr Linda Kirkman, an experienced sex educator and Rose Broadway, an occupational therapist. Our shared passion for positive sexuality has fuelled our collaboration. For more information about Linda and her professional ventures please visit:

Why children aged 8-12?

Children aged 8-12 are at a developmental stage where they are open to a new understanding of their inner and outer worlds. What they learn at this stage influences how they navigate adult relationships.


For more information or to be put on our mailing list E.: P.: Rose - 0419 483 150  Linda – 0419 402 373